We are an license dealer of firearm parts founded for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing top-quality products. Our mission is quite simple; we walk through the door every day and put forth exceptional effort to design and manufacture the best firearms and parts in the world.

Every team member at Elite Shotgun Shop realizes and respects the historical significance of our military past, and we work to keep the passion alive. Like you, we are incredibly enthusiastic about all weapons with historical value, and we are incredibly happy when we create something that resembles these iconic models of weaponry.

We possess extreme respect for our military here at Elite Shotgun Shop. We respect and admire their dedication and honor their sacrifice and patriotism through the creation of unique weaponry products — you won’t be able to find anything that resembles Elite Shotgun Shop military gun parts anywhere else. Selling, building, and configuring weapons that have historical significance is our specialty.

Each member of our team has at least five years of experience building custom and clone guns. We are all collecting enthusiasts ourselves and some of us have been working in the industry for nearly 20 years.

We are proud to say that we are founding members of the Elite Shotgun Shop Foundation and members of the Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Rifle Association. We are constantly learning and implementing new strategies to make our products better.

Come to us for knowledgeable and reliable services delivered by business professionals.

Established in 1985, Elite Shotgun Shop & Gunsmithing is a family-owned and operated business serving shotgun enthusiasts across the United States and beyond. With a specialty and expertise in European shotguns, there is no better place to make your next purchase or access service. By focusing on this niche, we have developed the most extensive knowledge and greatest breadth of inventory and service offerings in the industry.


To serve our customers and industry partners utilizing our expertise and knowledge. To consistently deliver the Elite Experience; with quality, integrity, and superior customer service at the core of all we do.


To be the country’s most respected, trusted, and sought-after resource within our niche, fitting, sales, and technical service of European Shotguns. To consistently demonstrate the ultimate in product knowledge and skill, inspiring confidence among shotgun enthusiasts worldwide.


Founder, Gregory B. Wodack’s interest in guns began in his childhood and has resulted in a lifelong devotion to the craft of gunsmithing. In 1979, he was hired by Beretta USA and spent a number of years working between Beretta’s Accokeek, Maryland location and apprenticing in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, where he received extensive training.

Gregory B. Wodack moved to a small fishing town in Maine where he continued to do contract work for Beretta as well as metal restoration and shotgun repair while moonlighting as a lobster fisherman and in a machine shop.

Gregory’s passion for the craft of gunsmithing has allowed him to build a career spanning more than 40 years, passing this knowledge on to a team of technicians who have worked for him for many years.

Years spent building strong relationships with the top Italian shotgun vendors, has given us access to and understanding of the very best quality products and the ability to provide the highest quality custom shotguns.

We offer personalized service and expert guidance simply not found elsewhere, enabling our patrons to make sound decisions regarding gun selection, gun fit, gun function and customization.

Elite Shotgun Shop specializes in the Sale and Service of European Shotguns. Beretta warranty service center offering best quality gunsmithing in three locations Virginia, Florida and Texas. Put 35+ years of experience and technical expertise to work for you when making your next shotgun purchase.

The Elite Experience


A One Stop Shop, Offering Superior Service

We are a different kind of gun shop and the experience you’ll have is one you won’t easily find elsewhere. With our knowledge and relationships, we are in a unique position to offer a vast array of products and custom services. We’ve built a solid reputation through our work with new shooters, youth shooters, ladies, world champions and everywhere in between.
With our decades of experience and solid reputation, why go anywhere else?

We’re Here to Help You!

Let us give you the most important information, answer your technical questions and present your options. We are NOT just trying to sell you a gun today, we want to build your trust and a relationship for the future. We’ll tell you the truth about what you need— even when it doesn’t result in a sale for us. Refreshing, right?
Our staff is knowledgeable about the products we offer, we aren’t guessing and we only sell products we believe in; we take the time to ensure you get the information you need to feel comfortable with your decision.

Gun Fit Consultation? We’ve Got That!

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a shotgun is gun fit. Elite Shotgun Shop knows about gun fit and knows that a stock that fits correctly is essential to optimum performance and accuracy. Each shotgun sale conducted in-store comes with a complimentary basic gun fitting consultation to determine whether a stock modification is necessary. We strive help you understand the dynamics of a well-fitting shotgun. Our staff can assess what needs to be adjusted and we can do it in- house. If you already have a gun and feel that it may not be quite right, let us help you achieve proper fit by assessing whether certain modifications could improve your performance and increase your comfort and enjoyment. We are available for gun fitting by appointment.

Service After Sale? We’ve Got That!

We earn your trust and your business by providing an experience that keeps you coming back for years.

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